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abi {books + bandages}

Thursdays are the days I hand over the reins to the kids!  They'll be taking it in turns to write a post of their own.  I love what Abi came up with today...

Hi, I'm Abi!  I have a few book reviews for the blog and we had First Aid training at school and I'd like to talk about that too.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
It will give you an idea of what it is like to live in hiding for about two years with people outside one door to capture you and possibly take you to camps to kill you!  It will put you in the shoes of a young girl, whose life is changing and bonds of friendship and love are being made.  It is a very hard time for the Franks and Van Daans, and their friend Miep, Kim, Bep, Mr Kurgler and a few more.  Food is scarce and when you get it, it turns out to be 20 pounds of strawberrys, peas or beans.  It is a hard time for many people. I quite liked this book but the afterword was a bit sad. I recommend this book to people who like history and a bit of tragedy. 
Mosquito Advertising - The Crunch Campaign by Kate Hunter
Mosquito Advertising is about a group of kids who love making ads for companies who wants ads.  Katie's mum works at Parffits Family Soft Drink Company and they sell a drink called Parfizz.  Katie does their ads but the Prime Minister puts out a ban that says: Junk food ads are banned starting with soft drinks.  Katie, unlike many other ad agencies, has an idea named Lettuce Levy in order to get around the ad ban.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants to try something new or anyone who likes ads is welcome to read this book.  Trust me, it is an a inspiring book of ad making.

CPR Training
This week, Twisty (first aid and CPR teacher) came to give our class (the 5/6 Super Random Robots) a whole day training session on first aid and CPR.  After the day I felt a bit nervous and confident... I'm nervous because if I don't do it right it might hurt the patient or make them sick.  I'm confident that when the time comes, I'll be ready with my skills and my knowledge.

Here's the Doctor's ABCD for any help:
Danger - look around for danger
Response - call name, squeeze shoulders
Send - for help, call 000
Airway - open mouth, see if anything is inside
Breathing - check breathing is normal
CPR - 30 compressions, 2 breaths
Defibrillate - follow instructions from a defibrillator
I hope that any of this Doctor's ABCD will help you at any time.

REMEMBER: Never do CPR if the patient is conscious!
I'm a loving, caring doctor...
or am I?
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Update! Abi was stoked to see this tweet when she came home today... thanks Kate!


  1. Melc_19111:10 PM

    Thanks for your great book reviews Abi! My twin girls are also 10 years old and love to read. So I'll put this on a list of books to get for them. I read Anne Frank many many years ago and I agree it's a very sad book. I'm very impressed with your first addition to the family blog. Well done!

    1. Hi Mel, Abi here.
      If your girls would like to read Mosquito Advertising then just take note that The Crunch Campaign that I talked about is actually the third book. The first is called The Parfizz Pitch and the second is The Blade Brief. The first is about saving Parfitts and the second is about all these other companies wanting Mosquito Advertising to do their ads. I think your girls would quite like them. If they read the first and they like it then they'll like the second and third.

  2. Oh love your work Abi. I love Kate Hunter and have been thinking for a while that I want to read her Mosquito Advertising books. This has pushed them up my list a bit!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for saying that about my blog. I hope you enjoy the Mosquito Advertising books.

      From Abi

  3. Thanks for the reviews, Abi; look forward to more.

    If you liked Anne Frank's diary, I can recommend another in the same genre that I read in 6th grade. It's called Zlata's Diary and it was written by a girl who lived in Sarajevo during the war in the Balkans in the 1990s. Unlike Anne, Zlata and her family made it out and she now lives in Dublin. You can find it on Amazon here:

    1. Hi Melissa,

      I might try that book. It sounds interesting. Like you said, they made it out so it'll be a much happier ending for them. Thank you!

      From Abi

      PS: I prefer happy endings than sad endings

  4. wotisunique9:44 AM

    Love the book reviews - it's always great to see what people are reading. My son (another 10 year old!) has been reviewing books on behalf of the school library. He seems to enjoy having to think the book through and describing it for someone who hasn't read it.

    I'll show him these this weekend, and see what he thinks (both of the books and reviews). You might provide some inspiration in both. ;-)

    1. Thank you for the comment. I might think about doing reviews for our library so thanks for the idea!

      From Abi

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Love your reviews Abi! It's great that you love to read :)

    1. I always love to read! Give me a book and I'll read it. If I don't like it, I'll tell you! Thank you for your comment.

      From Abi


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