Tuesday, June 5

adventuring {buddy}

Sunday afternoons, in my humble opinion, are tailor-made for walking and baking, and I hit the jackpot this Sunday when I realised I was out of butter.

We took a WALK so I could BAKE!

If that isn't winning, I don't know what is.

So Bren and I grabbed the boys and headed out.
When we left our house we were joined by a little friend. Can you see him?

He's over by the tree.  Look closely!
Handing over to Abel now for all the dog goss...

I think this dog's name should be Buddy.

It's a bit funny because the dog called Buddy
 took us to the shops and back home.

It's pretty fun scaring the birds away.
Buddy helped me scare the birds away.

It was really fun swinging so high.
Buddy was out the back walking around.

It was really scary how Buddy went on the road without looking.
Can you still see him?

In this picture it looks like Sol is riding on a skateboard.
Buddy kept following us all the way home, but not inside.

It was fun having a teeny tiny walk with him.

update: guess what I spotted in the back of the fridge on Monday morning?
Only about a kilo of butter.
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