Tuesday, June 26

adventuring {campfire}

Hi! I'm Sol.

On Saturday we went to Uriarra to celebrate my birthday party.

We have light sabers in our hands.

My friend looks weird in this photo but he's one of my best friends.

This is our base in the logs and we're discussing something.

This is at the base.

This is down on the sand. The river is in the background.

It felt really good to be playing with all my friends at one time.

Take that!

Looks sweet, doesn't he?

But then he attacks me!

Oh! I'm down!

Another weird photo!
She's one of my friends.

All of us had a big battle at one time.

Heading back up the hill to go to the fire.

This is me and my friend making damper.

Abi and Abel.

All my friends made damper together.
Dad taught us how to make it.

Still making damper!

My friend put it on the fire.

This is what the damper looked like.
The things on top are sultanas and Abel thinks they look like bugs.

This is damper with golden syrup on it.
I didn't taste it but Abel did and he says:
"It was bad. Oops, good!"

Abel is roasting a marshmallow.

We had s'mores at our party.

This is how we made the s'mores.

Abi eating a s'mores!

This is the birthday cake.

Mum made the birthday cake and it looked really good.

These were the things that were in the party bags.
At the top is hot cocoa mix to make hot chocolate,
the middle one is stuff to make s'mores,
and the last one is trail mix.

This is what the party bags looked like.

They liked poking the fire with sticks.

Abel wanted to put ice near the fire.

Melting, melting, melting... !!!

This is a photo of me and Dad when everyone had left.
The day was really fun.

This is the thank you letter we printed for my friends.
Inside the bag is a big ship that I bought with my money.
Thanks to everyone for coming!

{Mum's note - special thanks to Tina for many of these photos, and for sharing her extensive s'mores experience! We'll be total pros for next time!}

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  1. Dear Sol
    We all had a great time at your party, it was one of the best birthday parties we've ever attended. You really can't go wrong with S'mores and Light Sabers. Tell your Mom that I think she should ditch Uni and become a professional party planner. Thank you so much for inviting us. I will show the boys this post when mr5 gets home from school.
    Love from us xx

    1. Thanks for the comment about the party. It was really great that you could come. Hope that you enjoyed the party bags and the light sabers.
      From Sol

  2. Melc_19111:26 PM

    Wow, what an awesome party! Looks like a great time had by all. Your mum and dad are very clever too putting it all together. Hope you had a very special birthday- it certainly looks like it!

    1. Thanks! I did have a very good birthday party. And everyone did too.
      From Sol

  3. Grandad5:09 PM

    Hi Sol, it was a great party even though it was cold. However the fire warmed everyone up. Guess what you still haven't had your birthsday yet so you never know what might happen. Love Grandad & Nana

    1. It was cold and the fire was pretty good! Yeh who knows what could happen on my birthday!
      Love Sol

  4. wotisunique6:13 PM

    Sol - happy birthday! I'd love to know how to make s'mores. They look like something you should have around a campfire.

    You're party looks like heaps of fun. My 3 all have birthdays in summer, so we tend to do pool-based things.


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