Tuesday, June 19

adventuring {here & there}

We split up this weekend!

We {Karen, Abel and Sol} went to Brisbane while Bren and Abi stayed in Canberra.

Before we left, Bren and I agreed to take photos at predetermined times through the day so we could compare notes.  Turns out the times we picked are very boring and transitional times of the day!

So while it looks mundane, we actually had a great time...

Saturday 9am
Seems reading is the way to go.

Saturday 12pm
Bren and Abi driving home from airport {pulled over?!?}
Sol & Abel looking at their plane being loaded.

Saturday 3pm
Bren doing a spot of cooking.
Sol and his cousin Darci hanging on the back deck.

Saturday 6pm
Abi doing a lovely job with the asparagus.
Sol appreciating Uncle Scott's fire! Hot stuff!

Sunday 9am
Abi and Bren look sleepy to me!
Sol and Abel are waiting to head out.

Sunday 12pm
Abi's getting sick of the photos.
We're driving to a lunch date at Sizzler with Nana & Grandad.

Sunday 3pm
Abi and her friend hanging out. No boys!
Sol doing some yard duty with Uncle Scott.

Sunday 6pm
Abi's on kitchen duty.
We cooked pizza! Not much left even at 6pm.

Monday 9am
Abi's off to school {hehehe...}
The boys are waiting for another fun day to start.

Monday 12pm
Monty is catching some winter rays.
The boys are learning to appreciate art.

Monday 3pm
Abi, are they Golden Arches in the background?!
Sol's kicking the ball. Nice shorts!

Monday 6pm
Abi's on bin duty. Bren seems to have her working hard?!
Abel seems to have won this round!

We're off home tomorrow.  Brisbane has been superb, the weather is beautiful and it's been great to catch up with Nana & Grandad, Uncle Scott & Aunty Monica, and of course little Darci.

We miss you Abi & Dad!
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