Tuesday, June 12

adventuring {platypuses and pen pals}

Hi!  Sol and Abel are helping me write about our latest adventure...

On the weekend we went to see Callie and her family.  Callie is my pen pal.
We decided to meet them at Tidbinbilla and to see if we could find platypuses.

This is the view on the way there.
This is near the Cotter Dam.

I think it was a long way to get off this bridge.

There are miles and miles of blackberry bushes down at the Cotter,
and most are sprayed with Roundup.
Silly delicious weeds they are.

The cold season blew the leaves away because it was very very very windy.

We arrived at Tidbinbilla.

Clockwise from top left - Jacob, Sol, Abi, Callie, Tara {with face paint}, Abel
This is Callie's family and my family.
This is the first time we've met each other.
It was exciting to meet Callie.

We saw a platypus in the carpark!
It was fake.  It died and the bones got taken out.

I learned that when it's underwater looking for food it closes its eyes.
Platypus eggs are tiny.  Three of them can fit on a 20 cent piece.

The ranger found a stick insect.  It's on his finger.

This is a stream.

This is me and Sol and we are looking out for the platypus with our binoculars.

This is the pond where the platypuses live.

The kids had a great time comparing equipment!
Have you looked through binoculars backwards?
When you look through the wrong side of the binoculars it makes things look further away.

"I hope you love birds, too. It is economical. It saves you going to heaven."
Emily Dickinson, Poet, 1830-1886
 The boardwalks at Tidbinbilla contain beautiful quotes like this one.

Obligatory kangaroo shot - to prove we really do live in Australia!

The red hand is pointing to what looks like a small stick.
The platypuses come to the surface and hang around for a few seconds before disappearing in a silver flash.  I thought they preferred streams so I was surprised to see them in the middle of large, deep ponds.
It was very cool to see the platypus.
I think it was pretty incredible and
 it was a bit fun seeing a platypus splashing up.

Home time!
The white dot in the middle of this photo is the Canberra Space Centre.
Maybe that's where we'll go adventuring next?

Thanks for coming, Callie's family!
I'm going to write to Callie soon.  It's very very fun to write letters to people.
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  1. Jealous guys!! I don't think I have ever seen a platypus ... and definitely not in the wild!

    1. Hi Kelly, this is Abel.

      The ranger was pretty incredible and the ranger had a platypus and he told us that it wouldn't be around Perth and it wouldn't be around in Western Australia.

      Thank you for writing and we had very much fun.

      From Abel

      Karen's note: I was very surprised to learn platypuses only live as far west as Renmark. Sorry, Kelly! Maybe you need to pop over here and we'll show you where to spot one ;-)

  2. wotisunique5:44 PM

    Loved your wrap-up Sol and Abel. And we loved meeting up with you.

    We got the chance to see more platypus at the Australian Museum - apparently when the European explorers first sent one back to England (pickled in brandy) the English thought it was a hoax!

    we are having some technical issues at home - when they're sorted, I'll ask Callie, Jacob and Tara if they want to add anything.

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Thanks for coming to see the platypuses with us. We had a great time. I hope you had fun at the National Museum.

      From Sol


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