Friday, June 8

friday {flashback}

Do you remember Kalkitos?

For the uninitiated, Kalkitos were around in the 1970s and early 80s.  They're a little crafty game set thingamabob.  Got it?

Okay, more explanation required.  It contained a printed background scene and a sheet of transferrable images.  You positioned the transfer sheet onto the printed scene, rubbed the image like crazy, and voila! You have a little story all of your own.

I used to LOVE them.  I clearly remember a Scooby Doo Kalkito that mum got for me when I was about six or seven.  For some reason she had to use a laundromat and she bought me the Kalkito to keep me occupied.  I was in HEAVEN!

Today curiosity got the better of me and I discovered that Kalkitos are back!

image from

Imma getting me some of that Kalkito action!  Might even get some for the kids...

What used to knock your kiddie socks off?


  1. wotisunique11:50 AM

    I remember these (and loved them) but didn't know their name. Great for car trips too... Might just have to chase some up.

    I was mad on reading. I remember having a snake that was part of the rubik's cube phase. Yoyos also had a time in the sun. Elastics (remember playing elastics?!) and skipping.

    1. Oh I don't remember the snake?! But yes, the Rubik's cube, yo-yos, elastics, skipping... ahhh those were the days :) We had a special yo-yo performance group that came to our school to show us tricks and they handed out Coke & Fanta yo-yos! Didn't strike me as odd then but now ... o_O


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