Sunday, June 10

instaweek {10 june}

Here's our week according to instagram!

Hope your week was a good one too...

This is a 6-legged spider who's taken up residence in our kitchen
and I won't have a bad thing said about him!

There was a rash of Weet-Bix slices made this week courtesy of
@mumma_to_6.  Check out her instagram feed for the recipe!

I love how they colour-coordinate their reading ;-)

Abi's bedroom door.
Mr Owl doesn't seem to be getting anywhere!

Lego Han Solo.
That Lego Princess Leia is one lucky lady.

Taken on Tuesday at 9:15am.
Not keen.

Monty and her @BlissGift water bowl.

Mmmm... warm minestrone on a wintry lunchtime!

Abel digs random holes in the backyard.
Does he know something I don't?

Abel brought this home from school this week with the instruction:
"Mum, this will tell you how to get a baby out of your tummy!"

More frost.
Did I tell you it's been frosty?

Friday night face mask.  The packet promised to help me
Reclaim My Youth. Therefore, duck lips.

Coffee Club on a Saturday morning.
Spiders and massive choccie biscuits all round!

The kids set up a toy sale in the driveway.
They got one customer - a neighbour who spent $4 on toys for her new puppy.  Kids were stoked!  She was lovely.

We met up with @wotisunique's family today to look for platypuses.
We found some!

Driving home tonight past Canberra Space Centre at Tidbinbilla.
The sky was a most amazing colour!
Could have been the tint on my windscreen though...

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