Sunday, June 17

instaweek {17 june}

How was your week?  Here's ours!

Abel's clock, obviously inspired by Dali.

I've taken the boys to Brisbane this weekend and
I thought I should check the forecast before we went.
Canberra to the left... I'll have the box on the right, thanks!

Abi spent a couple of days home from school.
Poor sick little petal!

He uses his powers for good most of the time...

See that red flash?
It amounted to nothing.

I asked Twitter what to do with leftover lamb roast.
Version 1: lamb, pumpkin & fetta pizza.

Twitter delivered again.
Lamb sauteed in Korean BBQ sauce on pancakes.
Thanks tweeps!

I have two little lemon trees and they give me loads of lovely little lemons.
And now they are butter.
YUM doesn't even cut it :)

Saturday afternoon flight to Brisbane.

Abel and his cousin, Darci.
She's even sweeter than she looks!

Sol sitting in Darci's back yard under the mango tree.
He's wearing shorts!
Quite a treat for a Canberra boy in June :)

Do not mess with this child.

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