Sunday, June 24

instaweek {24 june}

It was a fun week here!

I spent the first half of the week in Brisbane with the boys
and the second half of the week planning Sol's birthday party.

The boys with their almost edible cousin, Darci.

The boys found this awesome curtain at GOMA.
Unfortunately, a couple of seconds after this pic was taken
I realised it wasn't a curtain.
It was an art instalment.
And see those little white lines on the floor
where the tiles turn from dark to light grey?
It says "Please Do Not Touch"

Getting cultured.

Flying away from Brisbane.
Bye-bye till next time!

I was fishing through some old photos this week for the Instagram prompt "Favourite photo you've ever taken."
This one of Sol is a special one for me.
At the age of three he seemed to Know Things!

I love winter sunshine.

Chilling out after Sol's party.

Sol's birthday cake.
Tiny Anakin Skywalkers toasting marshmallows.

Sol was spoiled rotten at his party!
His wonderful friends all chipped in so he could splurge on
Star Wars Lego at the sales.
Thank you, everybody!

Late Sunday afternoon and everyone's doing their own thing.

How was your week?
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