Sunday, June 3

instaweek {3 june}

Our Instagram week!  Winter is in the air...

These birds were perched outside our house.  I had to be vewy vewy quiet before I shot them... well, you know what I mean!

I've been dying for my lemons to ripen up!  Nearly there.

Wednesday night soccer training.  Abi is down there somewhere.  I couldn't quite tear myself away from the warm car to find out.

This is Abi's current reading pile.  At the top of the list is the third instalment in Kate Hunter's Mosquito Advertising series.  Stay tuned for a review!

Gorgeous little rosemary blooms.

I attempted a pavlova this week.  Is there anything more glorious than a bowl full of perfectly white meringue?

Impromptu TV watching and midnight feasting after bedtime on a school night.
{It was 8:00pm. I think we did it wrong?}

It was Bren's birthday on Saturday!
Nice little brekky in bed courtesy of Abi.  Nice job Abs!

Sleeping in each other's arms, how precious!
Not a staged pic at all ... *cough cough*

Bren's big boy birthday cake.
Tasted good even though the Saints lost this weekend.

We went out for lunch for Bren's birthday on Saturday and Abel fell asleep in the car afterwards.   On the way home we stopped for bread.  While Bren was in the shop I clicked off this pic for @fatmumslim's #photoadayjune entry.  The prompt was 'empty' and I used the caption "Someone's battery has plum run out."  Not 30 seconds after I sent it off, Bren returned to the car and I turned the ignition ... click.  Tried again ... click.  Yep, Abel's battery wasn't the only one gone flat.

Spotted this on a walk on Sunday afternoon.
I thought Telstra got rid of all those old Telecom concrete doodads?!

Sol on the swing.  I can assure you it's a scream of delight and not terror!

Sunset on the way home after our walk.
I love how the winter sunlight comes in sideways!

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  1. Lovely shot of the birds there and excellent blog! I'm glad you started one up, it's great.

  2. Thank you, my dear! High praise indeed :)


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