Thursday, June 14

sol {snapseed}

Hi, this is Sol.
Today I'm going to explain how to use Snapseed.
Snapseed is an iPhone app that you can use to make photos look different.

This is a photo Mum took of our watering can.

Then Mum used Snapseed to change it and to teach me how to use Snapseed.

I took a photo of the front of the house.

This is what it looked like when I finished.
Now I'll show you how I changed it.

First I chose a filter.
The one I chose was Grunge.

I changed the Style number and when you
change the Style number it makes the photo look different.

Then I chose a Texture and I chose Texture 1.
If you choose a Texture it makes the photo look different even more.

I wanted to make the 51 bright and everything else dark
 because I wanted it to look spooky.
Snapseed lets you pick a spot (see the blue spot?)
 and around the blue spot is the light but nowhere else is the light.

So this is what it looked like at the end.

Mum took this photo of me.

Next to the picture are all the different options you can choose from.
I chose Tilt-Shift to change this photo.

There will be a little question mark on the screen, and if you don't know what to do you can tap it and it will give you some instructions.

I turned the colour right up on my photo.
It's called 'Saturation' in Snapseed.

This is my last photo.
I took it myself.

I chose the Black & White filter for this photo.
You can click on any colour and choose one.  I chose green.
It doesn't make the picture green but it very slightly changes the picture.

I chose a frame for the photo.

And this is what it looked like at the end.

When you're finished you can choose one of these
so other people can look at your photo.

I hope you like what I've said and done.
I hope you enjoy Snapseed.
It's at the App Store.

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  1. Thank you Sol, this comes just at the right time for me. Last night someone recommended I buy Snapseed but I wasn't sure if I would because it's $5, but now I see some of the cool things you can do with it I will buy it.

    1. Hope you have fun with Snapseed! It's lots of fun.

      From Sol

  2. That's an awesome app! Off to look for it now...

    1. Hope you find it soon. It's a good app.

      From Sol

  3. Oh no! Looks like I will be adding another photo editing app to my iPhone - this one looks great!

    1. The app's really fun.

      Do you have any apps that we should try?

      From Sol


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