Monday, June 18

travels {Fly Away Home}

Today we went to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

They had an exhibition called 'Fly Away Home'.

When we arrived they told us we could make birds.
This girl told us what to get to make the bird.

This is a photo of the room. It was full of tables and fake trees.
The room looked very good.
Sol reckons it was really fancy.

"This is me and Sol making the birds." - Abel

First we cut out the wings.

You could choose how the wing looked.

I stapled the wing to my bird.

We had to staple the wings onto the bird.

I'm writing a tag for my bird.

This is what Abel's bird looks like.
"I called it an Abel Flyer.
Its habitat is the city and its diet is worms."

This is a photo of us holding up our finished birds.

This is Abel's favourite bird from the exhibition.
"I liked the tail.  It looked like a fan."

This was Sol's favourite bird.
"I liked how the beak was and how they made the tail."

People got to put their birds up on display in the trees.

This is Aunty Monica's favourite bird.
"I think it looks a bit weird." - Sol

We found this bird in the lift and it looked really funny.

We had a great time at the exhibition.
Thanks GOMA!

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