Monday, June 18

travels {The Odditoreum}

Hi, this is Sol!

Today I visited The State Library in Brisbane with Abel.

They had a special exhibition called The Odditoreum.

This is a giant bike shoe and it's covered with fake lollies.
Look at the doors behind the shoe to see how big it is!

This is me looking through a shelf.

I liked this story about the elepant's wee.
The rock isn't really elephant's wee.
The exhibition is there to get people to make up
silly stories about normal stuff.
The card says:
"This lovely little ball is a great treat for all to eat. Made out of pure elephant wee, it is a pure luxury and only served at the finest of places. It was discovered in Africa in an elephant cafe when an elephant peed in a glass and another elephant drank it and said it was good! So the elephant chef figured out how to make it into a great treat! It then made its way to humankind and I guess someone drank it and liked it and sold it to the museum where it is now. If you want to try it, eat it now at your closest elephant restaurant shop."
By Augustine, aged 9

Abel wrote about a different rock:
 "This is a seed. The fruit is purple and it is tiny and juicy.
When you eat it, it makes you fly."

I wrote one too.

It was about a griffin.

It says:
"I made a real Griffin that chases people around all day
giving people wedgies and I turned it to stone."

I left my card on the wall but I took another one with me because I want to have one at home too.

The Odditoreum was really funny and cool.
I like using my imagination a bit more now.
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