Monday, June 18

travels {Please Do Not Touch!}

Hi, it's Sol again!

Today Abel and I went to the Queensland Art Gallery with our cousin, Darci.

Me, Abel, and Darci found a really cool place and we didn't tell Mum and Aunty Monica because we wanted to make it a surprise.  When they came and looked at it, Mum said that we could go down there.

This is me in front of some really cool sprinklers.

This was a wall for water to run down.

Abel says water was freezing cold.

This is Darci picking up some rocks.

And in this one she's still picking up the rocks.

This is Darci throwing the rocks into the water.
We all did it too.
But then we got into trouble. Oops!
Please do not touch!

This is a sculpture and me and Abel copied what it was doing.

There was another sculpture and me and Abel copied what it was doing.

This is inside the Gallery.
Just after we took this photo someone that worked at the Gallery told us that we weren't allowed to stand in the middle. Oops!
Please do not touch!

After that we went to the Gallery of Modern Art.
We saw this toy house.  It was in the shape of a big tree.
It was all the way up to the roof, about 10 metres high!

We saw a gold curtain made of tinsel and we ran through it.
Just after mum took the photo she saw a sign... that's right! Oops!
Please do not touch!

On the way home we went to the toilet at the Queensland Museum.
Abel thought it was pretty cool.
He says: "The flush was a square and a rectangle and you CAN touch that, and they are really cool buttons that you touch to flush the toilet."

We washed our hands.

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  1. Melc_19112:36 PM

    Looks like a fun day at the art gallery!

    1. It was really fun! Thanks Mel for the comment.
      from Sol

      It was really funny when we said Oops! Let's all say it now Ooops! OOPS!
      from Abel


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