Monday, June 4

whip-it {entryway}

I can't think about organising without thinking of Devo*.

You too?

Didn't think so.

Anyway, Monday is whip-it day here at tiny trifles and to get the ball rolling, here is our entryway...


I do not claim to have the most glamorous home, but it works nicely for us.
I bought this unit for $100 at a clearance sale years ago.  Bargain!

The blue plate serves as our mail tray and the kids are always eyeing it off.
The three baskets on the middle shelf are for the kids' electronic gadgets
but they're are also handy for stray lolly wrappers {right Abi?}

This is a nifty desk pad that I bought at Officeworks.
It was only about $8 {60 sheets!} and they have a range of gorgeous colours and prints available.
On Sunday nights we fill it up with the appointments for the week ahead
and keeping it at the front door means no excuses!
Except for Abel, of course ... would someone teach that kid to read???

I love fresh flowers in the entryway, but I'm also very *ahem* frugal.
Enter the $6 bunch of alstromerias from Aldi!
They last a couple of weeks, even after someone (who, me?) lets the vase water completely evaporate.

The drawers are full of tech junk.

And those two bottom baskets are for stuff that needs to go places.
Library books on the right and a car air freshener on the left.
I don't know where it came from - would you like it?!
Oh look! It's my first giveaway!

*I was going to link to the clip, but this is a family blog!
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  1. Oh hey - I think I am going to love Mondays!! From one organising freak to another ;)

  2. Haha I'm one of those terrible mums who keeps making systems for everyone to follow! It works fine until I can't understand my own instructions... woops ;-)

    But yes, Mondays are the day! Next week is more of a philosophical one. Hope you like it!


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