Monday, June 18

whip-it (winter skin}

Apparently there are people out there with skin
that remains dewy soft like the nose of a baby panda for the entire winter.

This post is not for them.

Apparently there are people who have a skin care budget
that allows them to buy exquisite products for more than $12.99 a pop.

This post is not for them either.

If you're like me and Abi and you go into full-scale lizard mode each winter,
and if you hate spending money on stuff that turns out to be rubbish,
you're in luck!

It's taken me years, but I've finally sniffed out some great products that are

as cheap as chips
{everything here is $12 or less}

and are stocked everywhere
{supermarkets, Kmart, Target, Priceline, chemists}

and best of all...

They.  Work.

And here they are!
Half-used products snapped with my iPhone on the kitchen table.
It doesn't get any more spesh than this...

There is nothing worse than using a body wash that claims to be "soap free" or "gentle formula" or "specially for dry skin" but you walk out of the shower with your skin feeling tighter than ... a really tight thing.

So this stuff from Cussons was a very welcome find!
I was using Dove triple-moisturising body wash for a while but
 it was just a bit too heavy for me.  This is perfect.
It smells great, and it's lovely and moisturising without being suffocating.

This stuff is awesome.
It's as cheap as all get out, and is a nice, thick, body lotion.
It's amazing how the skin on my legs doesn't crack when I use this!

For people who have faces.

The one on the left is an Aldi eye cream.
I picked it up on a whim and it's pretty good.  Who knew?!
It's meant to be anti-ageing {doubt it though} but I like it's rich texture,
very nice for the eye area.  Use morning and night, possums!

The Neutrogena daily moisturiser on the right is great for winter.
It's nice and thick and creamy but it doesn't feel heavy when it's on the skin {clever!}.
A little tip for you - I put it on and let it soak in, and then I mix a dot of it
into my foundation to really keep my face soft and buttery all day.
Yes, buttery. What of it?

Now this stuff isn't persifickly for winter
{I use it a couple times a week in the shower all year round}
did you know you can use it as a nail scrub?
Yes you can!
The salicylic acid is amazeballs on thick cuticles.
Massage it in to bare fingernails and see if you don't love it!

Speaking of hands, if you only try one product on this list,
it needs to be that little guy on the left.
Trust me.

My hands used to split and bleed every winter, I kid you not.  Very painful.
That Neutrogena hand cream has brought blessed relief, and the tube lasts for ages.
There is a trick with this one though - you need to have slightly damp hands or it won't rub in. If you apply it like this you only need a dot and it penetrates the skin really well and seals it off like Glad Wrap.  I have no science to back this up but just go with it.
I apply it as the last thing before I leave the house in the morning, and the last thing before bed at night {ie when I know my hands won't be wet for a while}.

The one on the right is a newbie that I've discovered.  It contains urea {ew!} which is great for softening cuticles.  It's been pretty nifty on the old fingertips!
The best thing about this product is that it smells exactly like orange Tic Tacs.
Morning tea in a tube!
Oh, wait...

Lips. They help the food stay in your mouth.
At least that's what my Year 8 biology teacher told me.
Apart from that, they're very handy for getting chapped.

Now I know that 99% of people on the planet swear by paw paw ointment.

I don't.

I find it's a bit too tacky and, although it's okay as a barrier, it does nothing for lips that have gone past chapped and straight onto an itchy case of eczema {which mine do with alarming regularity}.

So, for my day-to-day lip balm I cannot go past Nivea Repair & Protection.
There is another Nivea lip balm in a navy blue tube but it's a bit too soft and heavy for my liking.  But if you want something soft and heavy then get on it!

The Dermaid 1% cream is medicated and you'll only find it at pharmacies.
It's the only thing I've ever used that will fix that dreaded bright pink moustache that appears on your top lip.  You know, the one that happens when you lick your lips over and over in a vain bid to ease the discomfort?
Well stop licking.  It's 2012.  Just pop on some Dermaid already.

Oh come on.  We all know what happens.
You're hopping around the bathroom covered in duck bumps, cursing the ducted heating for not quite sneaking under the door efficiently enough... and in your haste to get dressed you don't dry between your toes properly.  And then you put your moist toes into a nice warm sock and there they stay for many, many hours and possibly all night too.
Hello, fungus.

As you can see, a member of our household has become well-acquainted with the Canesten recently.
That particular tube was bought from Woolies for around 10 bucks.
The tube above - with identical ingredients - was purchased at
the chemist today for 6 smackers.

And finally, this is what I use on my hairs.
It's a luxury, not a necessity.
But I luff how it makes my hair all silky and poofy and nice.

So there we have it!

What are your best buys this winter? 
Even better, what disastrous products should we avoid at all cost?
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  1. Detachable Princess7:57 PM

    Living in Brissie, it's fairly humid all year round. Yes, it gets dry and windy in winter, but it's never fully awful.

    We spent a week in Melbourne a few winters ago, and I came home with horrible, flaky, dry skin. It wasn't until we got home that I realised that it was the relatively high humidity keeping my skin so good!

    1. Oh you're dead right! I used to live on the coast and my skin was definitely much better there. Canberra is not the most ideal place to have skin haha!


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