Thursday, July 12

abel {how school works}

On the first day of Kindy, Mum took a picture of me putting my hands up like this. I felt pretty cool. I had my old bag that I had in Preschool. And I was a bit scared when I first went to Kindy.
Remember, this post is HOW! SCHOOL! WOOOORKS!
It's pretty fun being in Kindergarten with my new friends. I have a new teacher called Ciaran and I have my other teacher called Colleen. When I was in Preschool I used to go up to the big school and see Colleen.
I like singing songs and I like doing artwork and I love doing our whiteboards. I like to go onto the computer because I have computers at my school.

Ciaran read
Green Eggs and Ham to the whole entire class when we were having recess. It was really really really funny. I have that book at home. 

I had green eggs and ham cookies for my birthday at school and I brought the book in with my biscuits. And they were yummy.

Whenever I go out onto the playground I run into Abi or Sol. It's a lot fun but Abi is a bit too crooked.

I like school.

It's really really REALLY super dooper kooper fun!

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