Tuesday, July 17

adventuring {creek}

I was home with just the boys today so we went for a wander through some parkland near home. There's a cute little creek that flows through it and thanks to some recent rain, it was nicely full. It was one of the warmer days we'd had this winter so it was great to go for an easy stroll!

I took several photos with my iPhone (actually, all my blog photos are taken on my iPhone) but I was using a new app (Camera+) and it turns out the focus function wasn't working as well as it should (or was it just me?).

So sorry for the average pics! But the boys were keen to get them up on here so who am I to say no?!

Relax! They were a good 3 metres from the water!

And that was it.
Home again for afternoon tea and Star Wars...

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  1. wotisunique10:42 AM

    How wonderful to have an area like that close to home. *That* is what i like about Canberra.

    1. True! The town planners have been careful to put a bush corridor through most suburbs. It's gorgeous. Coincidentally, I grew up in a suburb of Melbourne with a similar creek area - great for catching tadpoles!


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