Friday, July 6

friday {faces}

So earlier this week my friend Tina tweeted about a cool app called aLike.

You upload a photo of yourself and it tells you which celebrity you look like...

So far, so good!

Unfortunately for Tina, aLike was convinced she looked like Eric Stoltz.

Not so good.

So to make her feel better, I tried to trick aLike into thinking I was a man.

It seemed only too pleased to play along...

Anyway, as the day went along the kids got on board...

Yep, some really big likenesses here...

Poor old Sol...

This is more like it!

Turns out aLike was REALLY convinced Abi looks like Emily!

We managed half a Harry Potter cast...

And apparently we have a strong family resemblance to Mario Lopez...

Bren is most definitely a hottie...

Sol managed to crack Drew Barrymore but, try as I might, it rejected me! 

I even sent in a couple pics of my niece, Darci.

Anyway, enoughs enough. This last pic put me off it for life...

Have you downloaded aLike?
Does it think you're Eric Stoltz too?!
Any other crazy apps we need to know about?
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  1. ahahahahahahahahahah! that app works realllllly well :P

    1. Have you used it?! It's hilarious! You take a pic of yourself and send it off and wait and wait ... imagining Angelina Jolie to pop up ... and BAM you're Jackie Chan. WHAT?!

  2. Shows just how good facial recognition technology really is... Hope I don't encounter any at airports in the next couple of weeks. Eep.

    1. Haha true, it's not the most sophisticated invention!


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