Sunday, July 15

instaweek {15 july}

We're half way through the school holidays here.

So far we've been to Questacon with some lovely friends
but that's about it, really!

I reckon it's good for the kids to just hang out at home and amuse themselves.
It's character building, no?

So here's our week of nothing...

I dragged out my Grandad's Carlton beanie, circa early 1980s.
Abi loved it. She's serious about her team.

Abel's pj's ripped!
It's hardly surprising given that they were first worn by Sol about 5 years ago.
After this I actually went out and PAID for new pj's for Abel,
probably only the second time in his life!

I dragged the kids to Costco for a wee shop.
I told Abel I'd buy him one slice of pizza for lunch and he began to cry, complaining that one slice wouldn't be enough and
"Don't you know I'll still be hungry Mum?!?!"
He was mildly relieved to see that 'one slice' of pizza
when it made it to the table!

This is us on the couch. I sat down first and they joined me one by one.
LOVE seeing them read!

Marshmallow season!
Lots of hot chocolate being drunk this week.

Abel loves to pull DVDs out and leave them on the floor.
It bothers me.

The kids tried their hand at kite-flying.
The tree won.

This is one of those new pairs of pj's Abel got.
He still fits in my lap!

Abi and I set about re-creating a chocolate bar we both love this weekend
I think we succeeded?
We'll be blogging about it on Tuesday if you're keen!

I cut myself last night and this was the only Band-Aid I could find.
Kind of appropriate, really!

Have a great week.
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  1. Are you using Swiss Miss (available in big tins from Costco) for your hot chocolates? Love that stuff :)

    1. Not Swiss Miss, but close! We use the Hershey's cocoa mix. And yes, from Costco :) It's yum!


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