Sunday, July 22

instaweek {22 july}

Well the holidays have drawn to a close here and
the kids are off to school tomorrow.

We had a much quieter week than planned so I really don't have
any exciting school holiday pics to share!

The boys and I explored some parkland near home.

Look out for trolls!

These two old ladies sit next to me every single night.
Best leg warmers ever invented!

Monty is 16 and a half. She knows things.

Another birthday!
I made this chocolate mud cake with rocky road for Bren's dad.
It tasted as bad as it looks...

The boys' eyes. Can you tell which is which?

Playing around with yet another iPhone app!
This is the same photo as the top one (above)
but it's been altered using the Picfx app.

We had a lovely Saturday afternoon with friends at
John Knight Park in Belconnen.
I love wintry sideways sunshine!

My friend, Rox, put me onto this.
Nutella and marshmallows wrapped in puff pastry.
About as awful as the chocolate mud cake.

This was a pic I took for fatmumslim's  #photoadayjuly game.
The prompt was 'upside down'. I took a photo of the kids' swing from a really low angle, then rotated the image on Instagram to turn it upside down.
And then an hour later, Abel sat on this swing and the rope snapped. Oh.

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