Sunday, July 8

instaweek {8 july}


That was a big week.

The last week of Term 2 has been and gone
and we have a bit of news to share...

It was the Athletics Carnival last Monday.
Abi is the Vice Captain of her House and unofficial head of the cheer squad.
Looking the part is 99% of the battle, right Abi?!
She even took her vuvuzela, bless her heart.

My view of the school gates thru the car window.
Waiting... waiting... waiting...

And then we head home to this.
Most afternoons at our place involve a song & dance routine
and a bit of bike riding.
I have a feeling that Abi might get a new bike for Christmas!

The weather's been frosty but clear over the last few days.
This photo was taken at 9:15am.
Shine, sun!

Love a hot chocolate on a winter afternoon.

My ancient cat is struggling this winter.
She's 16-and-a-half and she rarely gets off the couch.

Kids had a 'crazy hair' school disco on Thursday night.
Maybe I should have done something with Sol's hair?

We had some important news to share with the kids on Saturday morning and I thought it would go down better with pancakes and hot chocolate.  Turns out I was right!
And the news?
We're off to Brisbane!
Bren's job hunting and we plan to move over summer.

Here's Abel taking notes in our meeting.
Actually, he drew an ambulance by mistake and then
forgot which question he was about to ask.

After that huge breakfast we headed into town.
Sol hung out in the Senate Rose Gardens at Old Parliament House.
I don't think he's the first person to snooze out here.

The kids were given these cupcakes at the National Archives.
As my sister-in-law pointed out, Tassie got a raw deal!
And if you look closely, it's snowing in Sydney ;-)

I stumbled on an appearance by Karise Eden at the mall this afternoon.
I heard her sing and she was amazing, really beautiful.
I don't think I'd buy her album, but I'd buy tickets to a gig in a heartbeat.
She's the real deal, folks.
{thankfully there was no sign of Seal}

And to wrap up our Sunday, Abel is nearly there with riding his bike sans training wheels. Now, all we have to do is stop him shouting about how he's GOING TO FALL OFF DAD AND IT'S NOT FUNNY SO STOP LAUGHING! 
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