Thursday, July 5

sol {cake}

Last weekend was my birthday.

Mum took this photo before I started to mix the cake.
In the saucepan there is butter, chocolate, brown sugar and water.

I've started stirring the cake and it's started to melt a bit.

I'm measuring how much flour we need.

I'm cracking the eggs. We needed four.
It looks like there's five but there's actually four because one split apart.

I'm pouring the flour into the chocolate mixture.

And now I'm mixing it.

We poured it into a cake tin.
It took 2 hours to bake.

I'm licking the beaters from the icing.

When it was 6 o'clock I decorated the cake and put the icing on.

The next day was my birthday and we had the cake with my family for afternoon tea.
Mum made some sausage rolls and we had some Oishis which are little rice crackers with nuts in the middle, and we had some chocolate wafer sticks too.

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  1. Love that he made his own cake - looks like it would have been delicious too!

    1. It's a trust old Women's Weekly mudcake and it was delish! Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too ;-)


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