Monday, July 9

whip-it {chores}

So I have a nifty little thing in my pantry.

It's something I made myself with scraps of contact and wooden pegs.

It's a chore tracker...

... and a treat tracker ...

... and a lunch tracker all in one!

Can you tell I like to keep track of things? I figure you're either inspired by my brilliance or entertained by my nuttiness.  I'll take either ;-)

So why put them on a chart? I find that chores, treats, and school lunches are the things that I'm least able to keep track of but most likely to cop grief about. Having these three blighters recorded in one place gives the whole family a reference point and settles any quibbles about who's doing what.

So, in the first of three posts, let's talk about my fascinating...

chore tracker

I'm one of those annoying mums who expects the kids to do chores. I'll declare up front that NO they don't love it and YES I do have to get on their case occasionally. However, like most parents, Bren and I believe that kids should be taught how to care for themselves and their home. It's not just about getting them to pull their weight, but it's about giving them a sense of independence and mastery. We hope.

Anyhow... they're expected to do their chores three times a day - before school, dinner, and bed. It sounds like a lot but in reality it takes about 10-15 minutes each time, and the younger the kids are, the more help I give them.

The kids do a few self-care jobs like making their beds and tidying their rooms, but for communal jobs I use the chore tracker so I don't forget who's supposed to be doing what! I've identified six jobs that my kids can handle without much input: feeding the cats, sorting and folding the clean washing, wiping the kitchen table, sweeping the kitchen floor, tidying the kitchen (but not washing dishes), and taking out the rubbish. Six jobs across three kids means nobody has too much to do which suits them just fine.

The system works like this: every Sunday night one of the kids is crowned "Boss Kid" for the week. The Boss Kid has a few little roles {which I'll cover in another post one day} but their first job is to assign the chores for the week. They get to divvy up the job pegs and boy do they love it! They're allowed to hand the jobs out in whatever way they see fit, but they've learned that what goes around, comes around! Thanks to the Boss Kid rotation, they get to offload their least-favoured jobs every third week and I think that sense of control helps them to buy into the system.

And that's about it!

Next Monday I'll cover how the treat tracker works. Oh boy that's a corker, I bet you won't sleep a wink in anticipation!

How do you work out chores in your household? 
What would you offload if you were Boss Kid for a week?!

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  1. Love it! Out of interest, why not washing dishes?

    1. For a few reasons (none of them particularly clever!). We don't have a dishwasher so everything has to be done by hand, and our sink is very deep so the kids struggle to reach into it properly. Oh, and I'm a germophobe so I need dishes to be done *perfectly*! Abi's 10 so she's going to be doing them soon now that she can reach into the sink without falling into it!

  2. Woo hoo! Look at you! So very pleased when I saw you had started this blog. finally subscribing via RSS. I love this post! And I've just popped in from Kelly Exeter's where you wrote a great comment. Go Karen (and the family & Bren!)

    1. Why thank you! It's been a heap of fun. Thanks for letting me know you're reading via RSS!

  3. I dont even have kids and im actually really intrigued to see how the rest of the system works - i love organisation strategies especially when it comes to kids, must be the teacher in me.

    1. Oh you're a teacher? Aha! Well I hope the rest of this system isn't a huge letdown, it's actually very simple ;) But there will be more coming over the next few Mondays, hope they're handy!


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