Monday, July 23

whip-it {lunches}

You've been waiting for it, and now it's here! The final installment in my pantry tracker saga.

First, we looked at how I organise the kids' chores.

And then I explained how we manage their snacks.

So now, for part three, it's all about school lunches!

I don't know about you, but unless I concentrate really, really hard, the kids end up with Vegemite sandwiches with an apple and rice crackers for lunch. Every. Single. Day. The sensible part of my brain says "And? Big deal!" And I quite agree. It's hardly child abuse.

But then the part of me that rather likes lunch says "Honestly woman, it's not like you have anything better to do" and I have to agree with that voice too. I do like cooking and I do have time, so this is how we roll...

At the start of every term the kids and I come up with a menu. It's extremely complicated - a meal for each day of the week, which repeats for the entire term. Not repeats as in reflux, but repeats as in it gets served up again and again. Which doesn't sound much better but you get the picture, right? And then I usually bake a slice or something on a Sunday and divvy it up so they have lunch AND recess and then I whack in a bit of fruit or something to finish it off. Very swish.

If you're interested, here are the menus we've used so far this year...

Term 1
Mon ploughman's lunchbox
Tue rice paper rolls
Wed sushi
Thu hawaiian pizza scrolls
Fri ham & salad sandwiches

Term 2
Mon wraps
Tue zucchini slice
Wed salami frittata
Thu meatballs w/ dipping sauce & salad
Fri ham & salad sandwiches

Term 3
Mon hokkein noodle salad w/ teriyaki sauce
Tue chicken, carrot & sultana salad w/ crackers
Wed pizzas
Thu pasta salad w/ ham
Fri marinated chicken wings with veges

And there we have it! My super dooper pantry organiser. If only it would locate odd socks...


  1. Melc_191111:38 AM

    They are very impressive lunches! Mine get tuna and salad wraps most days- but that's what they keep asking for.

    1. Tuna & salad wraps sound yum! I forgot to add in my post that many of the lunches I make can be made in bulk and frozen. It's an easy way to ingratiate myself to the kiddies haha!


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