Monday, September 24

ordinary days

I notice a pattern emerging here... I've resurrected the blog but I'm only managing to post on Mondays!

Sorry to anyone hoping for more than that, but I think it's where I'm at right now.

So for a little while I'll stick to Mondays and I'll try to make them a bit more interesting than this post!

It's been an ordinary week this week. Which is good, right?!

The kids have been playing Harry Potter after school.
Abi loves a good Hagrid getup.

Abel made this at school. I think it's beautiful.
I have a soft spot for red back spiders. Odd, I know.

Abi had a Careers Expo at school and (with the help of her clever uncle) she created a stall all about Security Advising.
These are her business cards. Yep.
Awesome, Terrific, Epic Street.
Kind of like Alphabet Street except slightly less hip.

I bought Sol a packet of socks a while ago.
He's managed to lose exactly half of them!

Our old lady is getting some treatment for her arthritis.
I don't know if it's a coincidence, but she joined me for a stretch this week.
Cat hair on sweaty skin? Ewwww!
Glad she's up and around though.

We're leaving Canberra in a few months so I'm trying to appreciate the surrounds while we're still here!  This is a hill near our house. Looking to the west you can see the mountains...

And if you turn around and look east it's just paddocks.

This child scored big time on Saturday.  We took the kids to Maccas (a rarity) and told Abi & Sol they could use their pocket money to buy whatever they liked (how generous!). I told Abel he could have whatever he liked too... so he asked for TWO ice cream cones. And so for 30cents a pop I said Yes.  He thought it was Christmas.

So what's on this week?  Abi's singing at Floriade, there's a school disco, and then on Friday we break up for holidays. Bring it on!
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Monday, September 17

goodbye to winter

So today is 17 September and the top temperature in Canberra has been a whopping 15.3 degrees!

So glad winter is *ahem* behind us.

I haven't taken many photos for the last couple of months but here are a few from the last 4 weeks of our very last Canberra winter...

Feeding the ducks on Lake Ginninderra in early August.
From memory it was about 4:30pm and 5 degrees.

A science show at the library. It would have been about 12 degrees outside but as soon as they're inside with the heaters on, the jumpers come off!

Old lady cat enjoyed her warm window.

Another old lady cat with another warm window.

The big kids turned him into a human caterpillar.
He liked it.

Book week dress-ups.
I think they're self-explanatory?

70s dress-up day.

He got into the swing of it and didn't use any hair product!

I don't know where to start with him.
Suffice to say, he was very chuffed with his look.

This is more like it.
My view out of the windscreen at the traffic lights.
5:00pm on a Thursday afternoon.
It was about three, I think?!

And then we had days like this!
Lots of sun and just a wee bit of snow on the ranges.

Antidote to a Canberra winter.

Better now!

Poor old sausage got bitten by another cat and developed an abscess.
She's fine now but oh how we laughed at her collar!

Bren and I celebrated our 12th anniversary right at the start of spring.
This is the ridiculously cute card he bought me.

We spent our anniversary meandering through the city of Melbourne.
It was just as cold as Canberra on that particular day, but we didn't care.
Melbourne cold is so much cooler than Canberra cold ;-)

I wandered out the back to find this munchkin bringing in the washing.
Yes, springtime means washing on the line! Yeehah!

Sol's been keeping me company every afternoon after school now that it's warmed up a bit. He scoots and I jog/walk/shuffle/jog.

Never mind the jumpers, it's officially Spring!
And not a forced smile in sight haha!

We dropped into Floriade yesterday for a wander through the gardens.
Commonwealth Park is trying to remember it's spring, but have a look at those trees in the background!
I'll head back to Floriade before it closes to see how those poor old trees are getting on.

My next job here is to take some bright new pics for the blog header.

Hope the weather is warming up wherever you are!
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Monday, September 10

Oh hi!

So seven weeks is long enough for a recuperation, yes?!

More than enough actually... after a good month of wonkiness (anyone else react strangely to a GA?)  I've been back to normal in the everyday sense for a couple of weeks now so it's time to get blogging again, right?!  I owe a debt of gratitude to a couple of people, notably my friend Danielle, for kindly urging me to get blogging again! It's lovely to know that some of you read it and I'll do my best to keep up my usual *ahem* high standards ... or, more correctly, welcome back to our mundane lives ;-)

And so what has been going on? Not much really. Some Olympics, some Paralympics, a few forgettable AFL games, and then the beloved coach of my beloved footy team got sacked (*sniffle*).  On the bright side, Abi's soccer season has come to and end (woot!) we had some super cute Book Week dress-ups and we escaped the winter cold & flu season relatively unscathed. We're still planning our move to Brisbane at Christmas and so Bren's been scouring the job vacancies. If anyone hears of an opening for an Accountant let me know!

I'm writing this post at Melbourne Airport at the end of a lovely weekend away with my lovely husband to celebrate our 12th anniversary. The kids have been well looked after at home by their doting grandparents, and apart from a 2am (and 3am) gastro episode it's apparently gone rather smoothly.

It was very cute to see all these little elephants around Melbourne. It's the 150th anniversary of Melbourne Zoo and so Mali the baby elephant has been immortalised all over the city by various artists.

This guy was hanging out in the City Square.

This beautiful creature was outside the Town Hall.

This Mali was just outside the shot tower.
The coolest thing about the Malis was how the kids reacted. You'd hear it as soon as a kid spotted another one... the "Mali!" cry would go up and they'd all scurry to check it out. Great idea, whoever dreamed it up!

We also stopped into a spot that Bren hasn't seen before. I'm sure this is familiar to most of you...

The Royal Exhibition Building is just beautiful. The best building in the country by a country mile. There's a daily tour at 2pm and if you're ever in town I urge you to go check it out. I've been in the building to see a couple of exhibitions as a kid but it's much more fun to see when it's empty!

And this is the obligatory selfie for our anniversary... I won't bore you with the dozen or so shots that didn't work out as well as this one. And yes, that's saying something!

Well we're boarding in a minute so I better scram. Happy travels everyone :)