Monday, September 17

goodbye to winter

So today is 17 September and the top temperature in Canberra has been a whopping 15.3 degrees!

So glad winter is *ahem* behind us.

I haven't taken many photos for the last couple of months but here are a few from the last 4 weeks of our very last Canberra winter...

Feeding the ducks on Lake Ginninderra in early August.
From memory it was about 4:30pm and 5 degrees.

A science show at the library. It would have been about 12 degrees outside but as soon as they're inside with the heaters on, the jumpers come off!

Old lady cat enjoyed her warm window.

Another old lady cat with another warm window.

The big kids turned him into a human caterpillar.
He liked it.

Book week dress-ups.
I think they're self-explanatory?

70s dress-up day.

He got into the swing of it and didn't use any hair product!

I don't know where to start with him.
Suffice to say, he was very chuffed with his look.

This is more like it.
My view out of the windscreen at the traffic lights.
5:00pm on a Thursday afternoon.
It was about three, I think?!

And then we had days like this!
Lots of sun and just a wee bit of snow on the ranges.

Antidote to a Canberra winter.

Better now!

Poor old sausage got bitten by another cat and developed an abscess.
She's fine now but oh how we laughed at her collar!

Bren and I celebrated our 12th anniversary right at the start of spring.
This is the ridiculously cute card he bought me.

We spent our anniversary meandering through the city of Melbourne.
It was just as cold as Canberra on that particular day, but we didn't care.
Melbourne cold is so much cooler than Canberra cold ;-)

I wandered out the back to find this munchkin bringing in the washing.
Yes, springtime means washing on the line! Yeehah!

Sol's been keeping me company every afternoon after school now that it's warmed up a bit. He scoots and I jog/walk/shuffle/jog.

Never mind the jumpers, it's officially Spring!
And not a forced smile in sight haha!

We dropped into Floriade yesterday for a wander through the gardens.
Commonwealth Park is trying to remember it's spring, but have a look at those trees in the background!
I'll head back to Floriade before it closes to see how those poor old trees are getting on.

My next job here is to take some bright new pics for the blog header.

Hope the weather is warming up wherever you are!
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  1. Love the Floriade picture, it looks so lovely and Spring-y. I can't believe I've never been to one, I have to remedy that.

    1. You've never been?!!? But aren't you an expat Canberran?!!? Oh dear, you really need to remedy that. It can be quite the yawn on a bad day, but when the flowers are in full bloom and the sun is shining it's quite lovely. Just the ticket after the longest winter ever ;-)

  2. wotisunique7:41 AM

    Just when I'd given up all hope... Love your pictures. It's getting warmer. It is (a firm belief is essential).
    Floriade is heaps of fun. Even as uni students, although I'm not sure that we were there in the right spirit.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks D! I'm going to ignore the frost forecast for next week haha! Today I'm wearing sandals and it can only get better :)


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