Thursday, October 4

adventuring {revelations}

It turns out I'm a bit slow.

We live in a suburb that's a bit large and has miles and miles of meandering pathways. We frequently go for walks near our house but, until recently (thanks Tina!) we had completely overlooked a pretty darn lovely corner. There's a really boring-looking path near our house but it turns out it leads somewhere pretty spesh!

The boys lead the way...

And huzzah! A fabulous half-court in the middle of nowhere!

It's so quiet out here! Miles from anywhere.
A meandering bike path along a network of ponds with
covered picnic tables dotted here and there. Noice!

And there's these really, um, interesting signs about surveying. Truly.

They're off again... that pond is full of birds.
Abel: "Oh look at that really fancy duck!"
Sol: "Abel, it's a swan."
Oh dear.

This is the far end of the ponds. Not bad eh?!

Veni vidi vici, I reckon!

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  1. wotisunique7:55 AM

    What a find! All that space. Our town isnt being developed With much thought. Makes me sad - just some spaces where kids can get out and about.

    Lucky Abel has Sol to set him straight. That made me smile.

    1. It's right on the fringe of the ACT so lots of room to expand into, and they're doing a great job! Well... as long as you don't look back the other way to see hundreds of massive houses crammed onto tiny blocks :( Lovely parklands though :)

  2. That's awesome! What a great find! We just moved to a new area so have only just began our exploring xx

    1. Oh how cool! Hope you find some hidden treasures :)

  3. How pretty! I love a secluded lake or two.


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