Tuesday, October 2

holiday time

We've made it to the holidays!

The last week or so has looked like this...

Bren wrote me a love note on the fridge.
Actually, Abel wrote me a note (I love my woman) and
Bren added to it, the old softy ;-)

I've been dodging these flying devils all week.
Not keen.

Abi sang at Floriade this week with her school choir.
Can you spot her?!
(scan to the far right)

Abel doorknocked our street for the Heart Foundation this week.
He took Bren but apparently he didn't help much!

Abel also drew on his jeans with red texta. Thanks to the advice of my friend Helen, he was required to scrub it out. Unfortuantely it came out really quickly and I couldn't follow through on the threat to make him work for a new pair!

And this morning we farewelled Abi for a few days.
She's off to camp for a week.
The boys are *ahem* devastated.

So what's ahead for the holidays? I'm taking the boys to Bunnings tomorrow to grab some random building supplies. I'll let them loose with a hammer in the backyard and feed whoever makes it back in for dinner!  Might head out to see the new Wimpy Kid movie too.

Hope you're having a great week!
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