about the kids

It's a decision that all bloggers have to make.  How do you draw a line around your private life?  Where does your personal self end and your public self begin?

For bloggers with children, this becomes an even weightier decision.  Important considerations such as the  children's right to privacy and security are made in the context of each family's value system and life experiences.  Some bloggers obscure their children's faces, some provide pseudonyms for their kids, some take both these steps and more.  All bloggers, however, love their children and make wise decisions that work for their family.

As far as tiny trifles goes, Brenden and I chose (in consultation with the kids) to use their real first names, to show their faces, and to incorporate some of their own work into the blog.  This is for a few reasons:
  • As described on about tiny trifles, this blog is our virtual family scrapbook and it seems only natural to have the kids front and centre.  We want them to feel a sense of pride and belonging in everything our family does.
  • The kids are growing up in a world where social media is king.  At present, apart from Abi's Pottermore account (she's 10) the kids do not access social media.  We've spoken with the kids about so many aspects of social media.  We've told them that once something is on the internet it's forever (nothing is deleted), that what we see on the internet may or may not be true (especially with celebrities), and that some people act braver and meaner when they're online (cyberbullying).  Brenden and I see this blog as a valuable opportunity to introduce the kids to social media on our terms.  By creating the content, managing their image, considering the implication of their words, adhering to privacy standards, and dealing with inevitable criticism, we believe we're teaching the kids how to handle themselves online.
  • As an extension of that, we hope that one day some of our readers might allow their children to interact with ours.  And obviously it would be up to you, the parents, to monitor how your children do that.  My responsibility is to provide positive content, to moderate readers comments (if necessary) before they appear on the blog, and to discuss the blog regularly with my kids.  Your responsibility will be to check that tiny trifles content is appropriate for your own children and that, if they do comment, that they abide by whatever rules you establish with regard to online privacy and decency.  It's a relationship that may or may not develop, but if it does it will rely on the goodwill and cooperation of all concerned.  I'm sure we'll all get along fine!
So you can expect to hear from Abigail, Solomon and Abel on a regular basis.  They're very keen to share their adventures with you, to review books and movies, to chat about their everyday life and to drop each other in when life gets a little silly.



  1. I really love that you are doing this - your kids will grow up with a great sense of online RIGHTS and minimal wrongs!

    1. Thanks so much! It's what we're aiming for :)

  2. Very clever......lead by example ;o)
    Tania xx

    1. Thanks Tania! We're trying for "do as I do" not just "do as I say!"


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