about tiny trifles

So anyway, I was thinking the other day "the world really could use another blog".  Not being one to shirk my obligations, I got busy and whipped up tiny trifles.

Tiny whatsits?

Trifles, of course!

Over dinner the other night Bren (he's my husband and he's lovely) asked the kids "if our family was a food, what would we be?"  

Abi (she's our eldest and has never met a stranger in her life) decided we were Granny Smith apples because we can be eye-watering at first but it turns out we're really quite sweet when you get to know us a bit.

Sol (next in line, MJ fan and shuffler extraordinaire) decided we weren't food at all, but a TV show.  Our family is, apparently, The Block.  There are a lots of ups and downs but the teamwork always pays off in the end.  Nice one, Sol!

And then Abel piped up (yes, the youngest, 'nuff said) and decided that "we are all animals! We have a Mummy Elephant, a Daddy Lion, a Brother Tiger, a Sister Flamingo and ... ummm ... another Brother Elephant."  Did you notice he called me an elephant?  Moving right along...

So then Bren weighed in with the astute observation that our family is a bit like a trifle.  The carefully crafted layers look delectable, and even though the first scoop reduces it to a quivering pile of what can only be described as "slop", a good trifle is always sweet and comforting and tastes like home.

Beautiful, huh?

I told you Bren was lovely.  Oh, and his favourite dessert is trifle so he's hideously biased as well.

Anyway, because I can't leave a good analogy alone I thesaurusised it {yes, it's a word, you just read it didn't you?} and discovered the following...

noun  a curio or trinket; a small amount; an allowance or allocation
verb  to tinker with; to use up; to coquet or tease

... and it made me think about how life is all about the small stuff.  The curios, the little things, the stuff we dabble with and the time we fritter away on not much at all really.

So this is what tiny trifles is all about.

Our family.   The carefully crafted layers that don't always look pretty but which combine beautifully to create a home.  Our home.

So, welcome!  Make yourself comfy, nose around a bit, and try not to trip over the baby elephant.

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